Being Safe on Riding Lawn Mowers When Landscaping

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Riding lawn mowers provide ease and comfort to the homeowners and other ground keepers to mow their lawns. However the fun and ease can turn into a tragedy if the rider does not pay undivided attention to safe operation of the machine.

Some of the safety tips are mentioned for your help:

* A riding lawn mower is a very complicated machine, designed to be efficient and safe if and only if operated as per manufacturer's instructions. So it is advisable to read the owner's manual before operating it.

* First we should learn about the machine and its controls then only start using it, because it is important for your safety to know about the machine first.

* Do not allow kids to operate riding lawn mowers unless they are old enough to handle it. Do not allow adults to handle if they do not have proper instructions.

* Watch where you are driving it, and be very careful while backing it since most of the accidents happen while backing up. Take extra care and be cautious when you reverse it. Do not drive too close to a creek or a ditch and be aware of any obstacle which you'll be encountering while you mow your lawn.

* When you drive the riding lawn mowers be careful on the slopes and prevent tipping or loosing control. Reduce speed on the slopes and also on sharp turns.

* Do not attempt to operate the riding lawn mower when you are not on the driver's seat, with a seat belt fastened to your chest. It is dangerous to do so.

* Avoid wearing loose fitted clothes that may get caught in the moving parts. Also keep your hands and feet away from the moving parts or the riding lawn mover.

* A riding lawn mower is designed to carry only one person so do not try and carry passengers.

* Clear the lawn area before you start mowing. See that, children and other foreign objects are not close by so that you don't harm anyone by accident. Make sure that there are no animals in the lawn.

* Properly maintain the mower by following the instructions. Check all the parts before you keep it.

* Test-drive the riding lawn mower before using the mower blade. First become acquainted to the mower and its controls and only then use the blade, because it may turn out to be dangerous otherwise.

* Shut off the mower before making any adjustments in the controls and other parts.

* Do not try to gas up the riding lawn mower when the engine is still running or while it is hot. For your protection, handle gasoline with care as it is highly inflammable. Use only the approved gasoline containers.

* Disengage the mower blade while on the pavement or gravel lanes.

Remember, your safety is very precious. Please follow the above mentioned instructions to avoid any kind of accidents which can take place with the riding lawn mower. Although they do not go as fast as cars or other motor vehicles, you can still get hurt on them if you are not careful.

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Being Safe on Riding Lawn Mowers When Landscaping

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This article was published on 2010/03/29