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Product Overview

One of the best things about this Black & Decker CM1936 cordless electric lawn mower is that, it allows you to mow your yard without the unsafe emissions, which may result in you suffering from health problems in the future, of a gas-powered model (as it runs on electrical power).

Also, as this lawn mower is cordless, you can move around much more easily when you mow your lawn. No more will you need to worry about accidentally tripping over the wires, or that the wire is not long enough (and as a result, you'll need extra extension cords, etc, which makes lawn mowing a very cumbersome task).

Major Benefits

There are a handful of key benefits that come along with this Black & Decker CM1936 lawn mower, and some of the more notable ones include:

1. Time Conserving

As the Black & Decker CM1936 features a powerful, and ultra-efficient motor and a new and all-improved blade design that allows for better cuts, you can drastically cut down the time you spend on mowing your backyard (as you would require with other lawn mowers)

2. No Damaging Emissions

As this lawn mower runs on electricity (instead of gas), no longer will you need to try and bear with the hazardous smell caused by the emissions from a gas-powered lawn mower (and not forgetting the fact that, inhaling such emissions is harmful for you, and may result in you suffering from health problems in the foreseeable future).

3. Disturb Your Neighbors No More

The quiet-nature of this particular Black & Decker lawn mower means that you need not worry about causing disturbance to your neighbors (with other models) whenever you mow your lawn... And this means that you can now mow the yard whenever you want (even in the evenings if you prefer!)

4. Occupies Lesser Room

Compared to other lawn mowers, the Black and Decker CM1936 occupies much lesser space in that, it can be folded for upright or compact storage. This is extremely ideal for people who have limited storage space within their houses.

Shopper Critiques

Most purchasers have highlighted the removable battery option, as well as the battery lifespan, as one of the most desirable functions in this lawn mower – Reason being that, with a removable battery option, they can easily interchange batteries especially when they are mowing large yards with long grass. Not just that – the long battery lifespan means that they can now mow a much larger yard with one single charge (some end users noted that they can mow a garden of 12,000 square feet with one single charge).

Also, countless people have noted that this Black & Decker CM1936 lawn mower is extremely easy to operate, and it allows them to be able to mow their yard easily (compared to other lawn mowers which they have used before).

However, this particular unit is not all ideally suited – Some customers have noted that they encounter difficulties in trying to mow a yard that has very thick grass (as it kept locking up on them even at the highest setting),

Closing Verdict

On the whole, a huge majority of the consumers are very satisfied with this product (which is why is it given an overall rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 by the customers in Amazon) with its ease of use, compactness, quietness, as well as its long battery lifespan as reasons. And this is the reason why we have given this Black and Decker CM1936 cordless electric lawn mower our highest level of recommendation.

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Black And Decker CM1936 Review

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This article was published on 2011/03/24