Who Needs Lawn Mower Tractors?

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Ride on mower tractors are expensive pieces of equipment. Purchase of one unit could cost you thousands of dollars. Hence, if you are considering buying a lawn tractor, it is first necessary to determine if such an equipment fits your requirements.

Foremost among the factors to consider is the size of your lawn. You will need to choose from various models of lawn mower tractors if your yard is at least half an acre or more. Your yard area has to be wide enough to justify the purchase of a lawn tractor. Otherwise, what you may only need is a rotary push mower if your yard is small or just of average size.

The type of terrain in your yard will also determine what type of lawn tractor would be best for cutting grass. If the grounds of your lawn have hills or slopes, it would be smart to choose from lawn mower tractors with an all-wheel drive design. The trees, shrubs and collateral structures in your lawn, such as fountains or bird baths, would also influence your choice for the appropriate ride on mower. If your lawn have many obstacles that would call for constant quick turns for the lawn tractor, what is needed are models designed with zero turning radius. If the lawn is flat and long with few obstacles, you will have a good choice in conventional ride-on lawn tractors. You can enjoy a fast and speedier mowing in this case.

What you intend to do with the cut grass is also influential in choosing the right lawn tractor. Those lawn mower tractors that are designed with baggers are more expensive, sometimes 25% higher than conventional ride-on mowers. Bagging the cut grass, however, may be important to you for recycling the materials to compost. If composting is not your cup of tea, what you may consider is a lawn tractor wherein an optional mulching kit could be installed. This kit is designed with mulching blades to further cut the grass into small pieces which are allowed to fall to the ground, degrade and turn into mulch.

Another important factor in having the right choice from ride on mowers many of which are marketed online, is the time that you expect to devote in mowing. Some may find lawn mowing an enjoyable routine, but others would want to immediately have the job done. Storage space should likewise be considered particularly if you have limited space in your garden shed or garage.

Finally, it should be decided whether you want to make other use for the lawn tractor in addition to cutting grass. There are many other garden jobs that can be accomplished by lawn mower tractors with versatile functions. For example, some models incorporate a simple rear connection to a small utility trailer, handy for moving garden paraphernalia in a wide yard. In fact, you can choose a lawn tractor with functions useful for all seasons. These advanced lawn mower tractors can be fitted with various devices like rototillers, vacuums, snowblowers and snowplows, a versatility that would be very valuable in large yards or lawns.

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Who Needs Lawn Mower Tractors?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02